The Round Table

Round Table is worldwide organisation established in 1927 with many community achievements linked to its name.  Membership is open to men between 18 and 45 years.  There are about 8000 members in the UK alone.  From the beginning, Round Table was a non-religious, non-political, and non-sectarian club, an ethos that still underpins the club today.  There are two core elements to life at Round Table – community service and fun through an active social programme.

The Cheadle & Gatley Bonfire is a major element of the ‘community service’ element of your local Round Table, other Tables organsise events such as carnivals, beer festivals and fun runs.  A typical bi-weekly social programme is easily filled with events such as clay-pigeon shooting, kayaking and golf - a small sample of the range of events on the programme.

Roundtable is an international organisation, in recent months our Roundtable has hosted vistors from Italy, Norway and India.  Our international trips in recent years have been to Poland, Germany, Spain and Ireland; we even classified a trip to Glasgow as an international trip!

But perhaps its biggest achievement is that 85 years after its founder Louis Marchesi held the first Round Table meeting, it is still going strong, still relevant, and offering fun and friendship to a new generation.

Member quote on joining Roundtable: “I’ve done things I’d never have done, been to places I’d never have visited and formed friendships which I’m sure will last a lifetime.”

Our Mission is: Round Table offers men the opportunity to have fun, help their community and develop new skills.

Our Vision is: Round Table is changing our communities by giving men the skills, ability and desire to better themselves and the lives of others.

Go On - Get Involved. The key to really finding out what it’s all about is attending a couple of events.  Come and see for yourself at your local Round Table Click here to find your nearest club.

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